We develop software that brings profit
to investors and helps users

Every day we work on introducing the latest technologies and global
trends to make our customers' lives better. Thus the first Network platform
for players and owners of gambling business - “Lookin Casino” – appeared.


Now in process lookin casino

Information system for players and owners of gambling business

The project is being developed by:

The main developer
Marketing support
Information partner

A new level in everything

LOOKIN CASINO is an international information platform with a detailed rating and an overview of gambling establishments. Simple and convenient casino search system. Booking game tours, airline tickets, hotels and restaurants. Guest service, participation in promotions and draws.

Daily news updates, live broadcasts of draws and tournaments, most detailed calendar of events.

Mobile application for iOS and Android. Built-in push notifications, live comment system with an ability to publish photos and video content. Built-in Network system for junkets. Complete tools to attract players.



The site is accessible on any device. User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation allow the users to find the information they need almost instantly. Actual and important news are the first thing seen by the user in the information block. At the request of the casino, it is possible to supply the site with new sections and adjust the structure.

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  • Built-in push notifications
  • Live comment system with the ability to publish photo and video content
  • Built-in data library
  • Multilevel news RSS feed
  • Online registration and booking of game tours
  • Social Media Integration
  • Organization of a newsletter
  • Option of download and transparency of statistics
  • Available on iOS and Android
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A reliable investment that meets your lofty goals

In 2021 AGARTA ENTERPRISES LTD - offers its partners an innovative IT solution in the field of gambling.

We are sure that investing in modern information technologies, namely investing in a modular aggregator for the sale of casino services and additional services, is the right choice and the key to success of each of our shareholders.

Examples of successful investment IT projects


Directory of hotels from all around the world: photos, descriptions, prices, order of residence, visitor reviews. Search for a hotel by city or country, dates of arrival and departure.

Project owner:
Booking Holdings Inc.
Project capitalization:
77 663 674 368 $
Average project income per year:
3 110 000 000 $
Number of site visits per day:
11 000 000


Automated sale of hotels, airline tickets, restaurant reservations. Detailed rating with traveler reviews. Price comparison.

Project owner:
Tripadvisor Inc.
Project capitalization:
43 817 003 864 $
Average project income per year:
1 944 000 000 $
Number of site visits per day:
7 000 000


Aggregator of hotels. IT platform for finding favorable conditions among hotels, hostels, hotel houses. Search for a hotel at a price with the conclusion of the most advantageous offer.

Project owner:
Trivago N.V.
Project capitalization:
13 921 452 901 $
Average project income per year:
950 000 000 $
Number of site visits per day:
4 000 000

Why LOOKIN CASINO is a successful project

100 million +
Active players around the world
10 000 +
Number of casinos
$ 950 billion +
Annual gambling loss

LOOKIN CASINO is designed for B2B and B2C models of business. In addition to the main income in form of providing advertising space and positioning gambling establishments on the website and in the mobile application, the project earns from additional products and services, in the form of the sale of hotel rooms, airline tickets, organization of gaming tours, etc.

The LOOKIN CASINO project is designed as a multifunctional, multi-level information portal for players and owners of gambling business. The site is adapted for all platforms and has its own mobile application, available in the App Store and Google Play. This type of information submission allows you to keep the player up to date with all the casino news and events 24/7. Automated content delivery in the form of a daily updated news feed is the most effective marketing tool today.

LOOKIN CASINO has no competitors. This is a unique information project for players all around the world. The project is available in 15 languages. Monthly coverage of more than 10 million users.

Presentation and demo version LOOKIN CASINO

The presentation page contains a detailed description of the project, an investment business plan and a demo site prototype with full functionality.